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Urgent: Penn Vs Jarvis Walker


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Hi Guys

This is my 1st ever fishing posting, am a newbie at fishing from Sydney, been couple of times with mates and been hooked on since then Must say that u guys r awesome. I need some help in deciding which Rod& Reel brand to buy. I will be mainly fishing of the beach/rocks/etc and sometimes off boats- . a shop(Whetherill Park) has specials till 30th of this month. Not weather I should buy Jarvis Walker(from BIG W) or go to a proper fishing gear shop. I'll be going approx 1 a month. Any info will be highy apprciated.



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jarvis walker is not the best place to start, I probably on fish once a month as well as I'm pretty busy. Look at Shimano, Daiwa and Penn in reels, there are a heap of great rods. Go to a shop they will look after you. :thumbup:

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:1welcomeani: Ace

Jarvis Walker, Penn, Daiwa, Shimano or any other brand, cheap or expensive, I would encourage you to visit a specialist fishing tackle shop and become a regular there. I did that years ago and though my local shop has changed hands the excellent service has remained :biggrin2:


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