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Great Fishing Book At The Post Office For $2!


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you in on the fact there is a smashing book at the post office right now. It's called 'See Australia FISHING' by Scott Amon and it's a Gregory's book.

The contents include:




island and inshore,



coastal freshwater,


alpine fishing

Crustacean and fish species- (A* if you dont want to catch ciguatera!!)

Tackle and techniques:-

Rods and Reels,

Lines and traces,

Lures and flies,

Hooks, sinkers and connectors,


boxes, bags and containers,

gaffs, nets and gadgets,

gear for fishing boats,

essential accessories,

knots,rigs, baits,

the bonus of berley

Regional fishing guide-

Key map and map symbols,








It gives you really good step by step colour photo diagrams of how to tie heaps of different knots, colour photos of a gazillion different fish in their profiles/up close and of actual catches.

Brilliant book. Go and buy it, it's only $2. If any of you fellas cant get one let me know. I will grab one for you! (That's how good it is!) Be great for kids as well with all the pretty pictures!!

Ok then guys, let me know what you think!


x :wife:

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hi Corinne

ive been looking around for that particular book. Ive been to at least 5 post offices and all of them have said they have sold out and they told me they dont know if they are getting any more in.

whats the best section so far?



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Hi Kevin,

Let me know your address and I will get you one!

I personally love the species section as it makes me feel all motivated!! It actually tells you the details of the fish (ie colour, marking legal size etc), Growth Potential, Habitiat and Range, Fishing Techniques and tackle requirements and the best bit in my eyes is it tels you it's edibility and how to store it!

It's such a fab book. Best $2 I've spent in a long time!!

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