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A Pig And A Poke


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G`day Fellas ,

I pinched this from another Site.

A Ringer was out checking fences in his Cruiser when he hit something. He radioed the homestead for advice. "There's a pig stuck in the bullbars and is still alive but he's kicking and squealing so much I can't get him free" he said. "Okay," said the boss. "In the back of the ute there's a .30-30, Put it up to the pig's head and shoot it. When its body goes all limp you'll be able to get it off the bullbars and throw it into the bush." About 45 minutes later the Ringer called in again, "I did what you said, boss. I shot the pig in the head, he went all limp and I got him off the bullbar, no problem. But I still can't go on." "Why not?" asked the boss. "What's the problem?" "Well it's his motorbike ... the flashing blue light is jammed under the wheel-arch."


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