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Fishing Comp?

Guest wayneo

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Guest wayneo

hey there raiders

just wandering coz im new on here is there a fishraider fishing comp?

if there isnt one maybe some moderators might be interested in organising one in the warmer months

for fishraiders only.

i think it would be good we could all get together and meet and even raise some money for a good cause

its just a thought

cheers wayneo

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Guest Saqa

Hi Mate

Have you had a look at the social events. There is the hairtail social coming up in June

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How does a casting comp sound?

Closest to the KEG...... this Sunday at the Ettamoga Pub Rouse Hill 12.30. Good venue for the family as well.

P.S I cant cast, fish or competently drive a boat but I can drink like a bas*^(d .

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