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Portable Boats

Guest Saqa

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Guest Saqa

Hi fishraiders

I am in the market for a nice portable boat. I am quite impressed with the inflateables but would like to explore tinys and folding boats and folding trailers

does anyone have experience with folding boats?

What are your thoughts on foot pedal kayaks?

Any advice on folding trailers will be much appreciated. If anyone is getting rid of something similar please PM me. I am very interested in a second hand one.

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Hi Saqa,

I've had a 12 foot American made Portaboat for more than ten years. I bought it second hand, along with a 4 hp Mercury two stroke.

Wouldn't part with it for quids -- brilliant bit of gear.

I mostly use it for bass fishing, although it's also good for fishing freshwater impoundments and sheltered coastal estuaries. It's light, easily stored, transportable, stable, virtually indestructible, and goes well with either the Mercury two-stroke or my transom mount 28 lb thrust Evinrude electric motor. I even mount my Eagle sounder on it, using a suction cup transducer mounting.

IMHO a portable boat is far superior to either a kayak or canoe for fishing (I've owned both), as you can move around the boat and even stand up to cast -- once you get used to the flexing floor. The flexible hull actually makes for a very smooth ride in a chop, much smoother than a tinny.

The only downside to a portable boat is the time necessary to set it up, and take it apart after you've finished your fishing. Not really a problem if you can set it up and then fish out of it for several days in a row. But a bit of a pain for just a couple of hours evening fishing, if you're tired and then have to take it a apart in the dark.

I solved this problem by buying a light, cheap, second hand 11'6'' car topper tinny on a trailer for fishing the local estuary into the night. I use the same two stroke, electric and sounder on this boat when fishing locally.

But the Portaboat is still my first choice when travelling away from home to bass rivers or lakes.



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Guest Saqa

Thanks Bob

Does anyone know who is the AU outlet for the Portaboat? I can only find the US sites on google

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