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Botany Bay (land Based) 04/05/06/my 1st Report


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Hi, thought I’d participate & write my first fishing report, since I like reading them. So here is my two cents:

Looked out the window around noon after scuffing down a scrumptious pie & sipping some OJ & there was nothing but blue sky & hardly any wind about which I thought was great since it’s been windy here for the past several days.

Loaded the coupe up, then off I went. Got there in next to no time, don’t know if my perception of time was a lil’ altered by me singing along to cheesy 80’s tunes on the radio all the way… just felt shorter than usual.

Parked near the airport area & walked up to the location, I know there & was like, “Dear Lordy! It’s a workday, why are all these people here?” So there shot in the butt was my Expectation of getting a good spot.

So away went my medium fishing outfit which I was planning to use on the salmon’s & lil’ tuna’s that I heard have been running buck-wild around there. I didn’t want to congest the place up anymore with lines & stuck to my light spin rod for this day.

Wetted line at 2ish after I squeezed between two anglers (the only spot available were we all won’t close enough to form a scrum base & hook the fish with our boots) who looked like they could do with a pillow & sleeping bag… made me wonder how hot the action was.

There were these big birds that were flying around low to the ground & diving in for a feed just as I seen 2 lil’ tuna’s dash right by me as I %%%%%ed my thumb with the fishing hook accidentally & now have a sore & bloody thumb, birds diving at my bait & had left the outfit I wish I was using instead for the tuna’s that went by.

I was just happy to be fishing, so wiped the blood off on the rock, spent a bit of time talking to some other anglers that were walking by & stopped for a chat that went on for 20 minutes which turned out well, since one of the other anglers there was leaving & that allowed me to move to that spot as I had not set up properly yet & now with the birds gone, it was time to get back & get stuck right into it again.

So at the new spot that I wanted to start at in the first place, I flicked my first bait out & 5 minutes later landed my first trevally that was around 30ish-cms, which delighted me, not by the fact that I caught something but the lil’ bugger gave it to my 4lb light spin gear which made it a real hoot to land (priceless).

Flicked bait out again & it was instantly smashed by my PB trevally that was close to 40cms. This went on for the next hour & the other anglers around me that barely caught a thing where all looking at me & some started coming over & talking to me, checking out my rig etc.


I must’ve caught close to 10 or more fish & I was surprised, myself actually & felt kind of embarrassed since I felt bad for the others, the guy next to me had caught a pretty decent size one himself which made things better for me.

So I had a lil’ audience now around & I didn’t want to be rude so talked to them & asked if any were on fishing forum sites etc. incase it’s one of you guys. Showed them what I was using & this rig I made up for trevally that works really well. Gave them some bait too.

Every dog has it’s day & today was mine & though these fish weren’t the big pelagic species it still left a lot of people there in amazement, I guess because I was catching them so consistently on a day where not many others found success.

Thought I caught enough for the day & felt really bad by now, so went home. I ended up keeping the 6 biggest trevally which were all over 30cms, 2 breams & a 40cm-ish slimey which I don’t know if that was legal but I kept it as bait, since one of the Anglers there I was talking to told me how the bluefin tuna’s where up & about in the coast, which I hope I can catch one this weekend.


Hope you all have good times fishing, even if you don’t catch anything. Sometimes fishing isn’t about fishing.

P.S. What’s the best bait & rig for Bluefin Tuna?

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Thanks for the comments. :beersmile:

This is the rig I use that works really well on trevally & I have caught several other species on it too, though it is my trevally rig.

I use a 2 hook rig with a trace of 70cm (this length is perfect for them) & this hook: Mustad Beak Size 2 Ref: 92604NPBLN

I caught those trevs using really old pilchards I brought along to use as burley for the tunas & just to get rid of them before they grew fluff or something.

Salt the pilchards, that makes them tougher so they stay on the hook better & dice them in small bits just enough to fit on the hook, this will increase your hook up rate.

The technique I use when I know they are in the area is, I would reel the bait in as if it was a lure but slower than I would a lure. That's how I was catching so many, I find that when you do this, it covers ground when they take the bait & since it's a nice small size they swallow it & since the rig is in motion it hooks into them right away thanks to that pattern & size of the hook.

Around 3pm to sunset is a great time to target them around the bay. :1fishing1:

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Thanks for that. Have you tried luring them?

Hi Wrasseman :1fishing1:

I never tried lures at Botany, was my first time back there this year, however the anglers I was talking with said they use spoons & have been catching big tailors & those small frigate tunas there with them.

2 other anglers I was chatting with & asking them about SPs said they used the 3" gulp grubs & all that would happen was they were losing the bait but no hookups & with the 3" bass minnows they were catching some flatheads with them there.

One of them was flicking SPs when I was catching alot of fish into the spot I was casting my bait & he didn't catch anything, he was using a small white squidgy with a yellow tail on it & then a killer tomoto one.

I lure fish alot & when I go to spots where people are going really well on bait, I would resort to bait myself. To me if it works really well at a certain spot, then use it.

I knew pilchards work really well on the trevallys there, since the last time I fished the place I was catching mostly small snapper & this one guy next to me caught a few trevs on pilchards, so since I had lots of pilchards I thought I would target the trevs.

One thing for sure, they are a real hoot to catch on light gear, I think they put up more of a fight than good size tailor & bream on light gear. They were really going for it, dashing into rocks, changing lines, the works.

Thanks for the comments guys, hope you all have been having fun fishing! :beersmile:

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