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Need Help On My First Gps Purchase


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I am planning to buy my first GPS. I have been comparison shopping for a while and found a few sites that seem to be doing a good job with pricing and customer service. I am still confused and undecided as to what to buy with all the various options. The folks at getfeetwet.com (quite helpful) have suggested the Lowrance H20 or thier 3010c Bundle. I also saw that they had a factory refurbished Garmin 2006 and GMR unit for half the price. Any thoughts on these units? I like the price of the 2006 factory refurbished but I am not sure what I am giving up? Garmin gives 1 yr warranty on the refurb and looks like getfeetwet adds a 2nd yr to that. I was assured that they are as good as new. Has anybody purchased a Garmin Refurb?


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