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Dollies Botany Wide Fad


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Hi Raiders My First Post , Friday 5th May 5.30 am Decided to give work a miss and and with son 10yrs old eager for fish headed to botany bay for first time , with GPS on board and Fishery Points loaded headed to Molls point for livies, with only 3 in tank all sons (Im a shocker at Baitfishing) went out in decent but sloppy conditions to closest Fad approx 9 kms to find Dollies to approx. 500mm in berley trail within 5m of boat but not taking anything i introduced to them, (My Inexperience of fishing for these species did not help) decided Wide Fad may be the go, got there about 8.30am along with a few other keen dollie hunters, lost all livies to i believe,post-1870-1146901328_thumb.jpg too eagerness finding others pulling in fish, had all live baits lost from undersize hook 3/0 :( started fishing with weighted pillie baits approx 10-15m below surface when i got my first dollie 750mm (Nice) using a running sinker rig i had made up with 9/0 livie hook and 6/0 slider for whole pillies, my two other dollies where taken at surface with floating 1/2 pillies on 4/0 baitkeeper hook with the second largest at 720mm taken on smallest outfit i had with several decent runs and spectacular jumps at least 1.5m from surface taking 10 minutes to land with drag set high and line sometimes humming in wind with strain , making this pick up worth the whole trip :thumbup: , ended day with 3 x dollies 750mm , 720mm , 500mm and 360mm Snapper taken at reef north of closer Fad. Oh Yeh about Son, Didnt take kindly to sloppy conditions but held in there (Maybe trying to Impress Dad) Oh Yeh Pic has Proud Daughter at back with Son camera shy at left.

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Hey Mapu Boat is 4.6m Stejcraft Sportfisher Cuddy my boy 10 is always keen for outside venture but this time due to conditions wasnt feeling crash hot , i have kept off tablets so far on other trips and will try and keep off them (Not a fan of Kids taking Tablets) all depends on mind i find if you keep them interested plenty of action if possible then he seems fine. But misses and daughter are a different story as misses stories of previous outings with me ring in daughters head and both wont even raise head off pillow if i plan outside trip.

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Guest fishrunner

Great 1st report there Offtap1 :thumbup: ,

And :1welcomeani: to the site, good to see the kids enjoy what their dad loves :biggrin2: ,

Great dollies for a 1st attempt , well done.


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