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Hey All


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Hey all i'm fairly new to this kinda stuff (except fishing)

Last weekend i went fishing with my dad, bro in-law, and nephew and we had a pretty crap day.

We went to Lugarno and there was a wedding or sumthing gon on no parking had to park bout 200 metres or so :(

We never caught any keeps and not even a normal fish...so just for a bit of fun with my nephew we dropped a handline in and wound up with a few puffas and my nephew had sum fun casting it in making it puff up.

We had the wors day eva and l8r met by bad weather :1badmood: so packed up set off for home.

sorry i dont have anything exciting to say but i promise next time we go fishing i'll show yas a catch and a half LOL


Oh and congrats to my bro and his m8 steve (ads_the_galah& big_steve) on todays catch..22 keeps

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Hey big_tom :beersmile:

Sharky & I fish up around that way. If you're using bait, catch those lil' black crabs that are all around there, they catch quality bream & try pilchards & bread. I catch most my bait from there. Last time I fished there, I caught a bunch of tailors, kept the 3 big ones & a nice size blackfish. It helps alot fishing during the tide.


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hey thnx for dat lunker hunter..

im actually gon fishn there next w/e so i mite give that a shot... but da only problem is how the heck do u catch dem crabs....

thnx heaps .... big_tom

What I do, is wear beach thongs since you will get more if you get a bit down & dirty so don't wear good shoes etc. unless you don't mind getting mud all over them.

Along the shorelines (especially on the low tide but you can get them anytime, the low tide is best), you will see areas with lots of small holes in the ground & a few of them crabs scattering about ontop. Find where there is lots of small holes & lift rocks up, they are under there & just pick them up with your fingers & put them in a bucket or ice cream container so they can't climb out. That's the easiest way.

If you want heaps, dig them out off their holes but that will get messy but you will end up with alot that way.

A thing I usually do is bring a 1.4ltr coke bottle along filled with water & after I catch them, I use that to wash up, if there isn't taps around.

Goodluck! :1fishing1:

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