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How Do You Use Handcasters?


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hey raiders,

Well does anyone know how to use a handcaster and how should i rig it? cuz i cant get the handcaster to cast very far lol wat is it even used for? I also dont know how to take the line back in, cuz i see people just pulling the line in instead of winding it and im not sure how. Oh btw this is fishing from a wharf

[OFFTOPIC] i just watched this bush tucker guy on chn 7 on world around us showing how he made a handcaster and made some lures with some simple stuff like red cloth, white plastic bag, some orange strings even a bulletshell! haha and he caught a massive trevally and other fishes with all that junk, i'll try that next time

thankz in advance =p

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Hi David ,the use of a handcaster is pretty simple .Lay about 10 feet of line on the ground and make sure it is not tangled ,hold the handcaster in you left hand and make sure it is facing out like a spool for the line to come off .Now with your right hand hold the line and with a round arm style circlimg motion rotate the sinker and bait till it gets a bit of velocity making sure it stays away from your body and head .When your bait and sinker has reached its appex realease the line in the direction you wish your bait to travel and the line will peel off the handcaster like a threadline reel with its bailarm open .It will take a bit of practice and is best tried first with a rubber casting plug till you become proficient with this technique.

Now for playing a fish you can apply pressure directly to the line or use the handcaster with your hand providing resistance to slow the spool rotating .It will be easier practising first with someone who will run with the line in their hand for you and then you can gauge how much pressure you can exert .The main thing to remeber is you may get line burns and cuts from using a handline ,so a finger stall made from rubber tubing like a bicycle inner tube to protect you index finger and thumb cut to size .

When using your handline you may want to spool it into a small washing basket so it doesnt get tangled around your feet when retreiving or casting your line

Once mastered they can be a deadly tool from wharves and the river bank

Make sure the line is not too light as you will not be able to handle it with safety ,for me minimum 20 or 30 lb with a lighter trace is the way to go

Hope this helps you out and good luck with your fishing :thumbup:

Cheers Swordfisherman


This is what it looks like playing a fish :biggrin2:

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thankz alot swordfisherman! but how do you rig the handcaster? do i need a swivel ? cuz wen i bought it, it came with the sinker on top of the hook. Thats easier to cast but wouldnt that make fishes avoid the bait cuz the sinker is right on top of the hook?

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