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Penn Hooks Vs Mustad Hooks


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Hey Fishraiders

ok i just did a little experiment testing which hooks are likely to break and how they break. I recently used a size 2 mustad long shank and wen i was fishing the hook bent outwards and the fish got away. So i tested both hooks from penn and mustad to see.

Ok i started off with bending the mustad hook, it bent all the way till it was straight with no problem at all as it was 'easier' to bend, it sorta bent like a paperclip lol im not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, well anywayz i tried the Penn Long shank size 4 hooks its roughly the same size but just a bit smaller than the mustad ones, but anywayz wen i was bending the penn hook it was very hard to bend and all of a sudden it snapped before i even had it bend. So i can say the Penn hook is very brittle(it can shatter wen bent) however it is a much harder much to bend.

This all means it proves wat mustad to have advertised of having "hi-carbon steel", however i dont think Penn has enough carbon in its hooks than the other. Im not sure if this is a good thing or not about the Penn hooks, can someone tell me which one is better after reading this?


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