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Iron Cove Session 14/05/06


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Hi Raiders,

Popped down to Iron Cove with my father this morning to see if we could tempt up any bream or flathead on SPs. This was also our first decent test of the rods that Saqa built for us (a couple of weeks ago he built me an ultralight spiral wrap baitcaster and a Bream UL for my dad) and I am happy to say that these rods cast beautifully.

Unfortunately for us it was a rather quiet for most of the morning with only Toads and a school of chopper tailor to keep us entertained. Tried changing lures, moving about a few different spots but all to no avail.

As it always happens just as I was about to give up and go for a drive to Tarban Ck my gulp minnow gets SMASHED by some denizen of the deep and braid starts ripping off the pixy. Tightened up the drag a bit, but the thing still wanted to go. With a bit of careful thumb work I manage to coax the fish to come back in, but without warning, ZOOM it comes towards shore and then after that I only felt a dead weight on the end of my line.

With nothing to lose I peformed a little judicious jiggling of the rod and when that didn't work, I used a little Simple Brute Force (Sorry Rohit :1prop: ). Surprisingly things come loose and shortly afterwards up comes a big clump of weed...and the biggest bream I have ever hooked in my life! :yahoo: (Looked to be a kilo plus model)

This is the painful bit: Six feet above the water, frayed six lb leader, no net...what to do? Fish seemed to read my mind and the moment I touch the leader it decides to go and the flurocarbon snaps like cotton.

Ah well...I wasn't that miffed because I was going to let it go anyway but a few pics to show you guys would have been nice.

The moral of this story is: BRING YOUR NET WHEN YOU GO FISHING!


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Guest madsmc
The moral of this story is: BRING YOUR NET WHEN YOU GO FISHING!

That's a very good piece of advice there Mike.

I've lost a few good flatties at the rocks because I had no net. I now have a long handled environet which accompaines me on every session. It might be a bit of a pain to carry everywhere, but not as painful as losing a quality fish.

Bad luck on missing the big bream, but I'm sure you'll have another opportunity soon enough, and with net in hand. :biggrin2:



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