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Freedom Boats


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I was hoping for some advice or information on Freedom boats.

Has or does anyone own a freedom boat? If anyone has some feedback or has had an experience with this brand of boat could you please let me know. I am curently looking a for new boat and have come across one second hand that seems extremely good value. Its a freedom escape. I would be interested in any feedback on freedom boats in general.

Much appreciated.


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They are a good boat, excellent value for money... i know a few guys with them who speak very highly of them...

They have some nice features, being the concave keel at the transom for increased prop bite and less cavitation, they are lightweight, and they are cheap compared to big name glass boats of the same size.

The problem, however, is that with the afore mentioned benefits, comes a few setbacks..... The concave keel makes the boat ride harder than a full length V hull, there is more motor leg in the water and therefore more drag = more fuel... They are not as heavily glassed as the likes of seafarer, cruisecraft or haines hunter... meaning the hulls are not as strong and dont offer the comfort of a heavy glass deep V..... and finally they lack in fit and finish, but thats what you get for the money.

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