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Fishing At Rottnest Island (perth)


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Hey raiders, fishing report at Rottnest island

ok this was back in january, i went to perth and then went wif my uncle to go to this place called Rottnest Island, it was like fishing paradise lol. Its 30mins ride on boat from Perth. After riding our push bikes for 1 hour we finally reach our first fising spots. The place was full of rocks and ledges, but in the water it was full of fish. All kinds of fishes and stuff.

This was my first time fishiing and i caugh tthis weird fish, i dont know wat it is called but i heard it eats sea weed. Anywayz I was standing on top of one of the rocks and i saw a quick flash of some fishes down there hiding in the rocks, so i dropped my ganged pilchard, caught the fish in sight! lol best feeling ever. [see photo]

Yeh so then we moved on to another fishing area after 30mins riding, went to this better place. I caught two snooks, 4 breams, 1 squid, and some other unknown things. Yeh for some reason everytime i caught a bream and i pulled it up and jsut wen i am about to go grab the line, the fish shakes off the hook and falls back into the water. It happened to me 3 times. LOL yeh then we saw a school of buffalo fish just 2 metres down the water but it didnt bite, then all of a sudden a sting ray came out, but it prob didnt wanna eat cuz it came right up to the surface eating some sea weed. =p



wat fish is this? anyone know?



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