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Low Tide


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I was hoping I could get some advice on a couple of land based spots with a lower tide.

I generally fish IC, Hen & Chicken and Putney with a mid to fuller tide BUT when the tide is lower than mid I find I am limited to Fig Tree only.

Has anyone worked a lower tide area that they might share with me by PM or reply.

Main reason for asking is I was looking at a 6am till 8am session tomorrow morning and notice a Low Tide at 5am ish. If interested we can meet and fish the spot together.

The plan is as follows:-

* Wed morn session 6am till 8am

* Wed Night - Boxing grudge match Mundine V Green

* Thu morn 4.30am soccer - Barcelona V Arsenal

* Thu Night - If I am still married I will say hello to the missus

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I would try the fish markets as there are plenty of bream around that area. It is also one of the only places I have caught black fish on lures. HBs work well there but you need to use a really light trace. 6pound if you have it and 4 pound if you dont mind loosing a few lures.

Plastics work well there as well the twitchem nippers they look like prawns that get thrown in by people so I have had success on them also.I have never fished the bottom of the tide there but I have been there eating lunch at low and have seen plenty of fish.

The good thing is you can pick up a feed there as well. From the markets of cource. :biggrin2:

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