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Hi Fishraiders

Hoping to get some tips on the best spots around the northern beaches to fish for pigs that arnt to narky.

Im new to the area and strugling to get the local scene wired.

Would appreciate some advise from all you rock hoppers out there!

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South Whale - platform - you can walk there from the beach - good excercise. I've seen them being caught - use lots of bread/berley - ( ps This was a while back when I fished that area every weekend )

Lots of blckfish on the North side of whale - 150 meters from the spinning outcrop. Plenty bait there too.

Thanks for that Haraka i will give it a go. Are you talking about the high rocks at the back of the pool or further south towards that little cove in the corner.

Is the blackfish spot south or north from the spinning outcrop. i noticed a low shelf on the northern side the other week end when i was having a suss!

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mate the drummer are literally on every single headland. Just pick a headland closest to you and try find a nice safe wash to fish in. As a tip, flat calm days with clear water are days where you should stay at home, drummer are very shy so a bit of wash and some colour in the water produces best results.

Anyway to start you off, try north curl curl near the pool, infact anywhere between south dee why and north curl has heaps of washes (remeber though its an inter tidal protected area so no bait gathering!) South warriewood has produced some fantastic fish for me, also try 'hole in the wall' at avalon, flat rock at south curl curl..... I could go on :1yikes:

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I fish for pigs all the time but mainly botany to garie ( these are south o the city)

Most platforms will have some fish. Some places to try are.

Barrenjoie Headland. At the front and northern side of this platform there are several bommies that produce fish.

Bangelly Head. There is a rocky bay at the north end that has a very rough bottom. Towards the south end there are some bommies.

Long Reef. Holds fish.

Use plenty of bread. I find the best baits are abb gut and pealed prawns.

Please be safe drummer fishing is at its best when the conditions are at there worst. Some days just turn around and go home.

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