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"bonnies Going Off" 17/05/06


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G'day Raiders,

Headed out from Port ramp later than usual for my Wednesday fix of fishing, hit the water at around 9.30am, the North westerlies had already begun to swing around to the north east, so I ditched the plans to head out to Toothbrush and Pig islands to go for a troll around Big and Martin island instead.

I made my first pass along the northern edges to no avail and as it was quite uncomfortable with the north east chop getting up I opted to troll the southern edges. On cruising around the eatern most corner of Martin island I noticed some gulls sitting on the water just out of the cove on Big island and thought to myself, there may be some action afterall, and it wasnt long before I got belted by the first of the seamingly never ending Bonito that were willing to hit my lures " 150ml halco deep divers' colour was not a problem as they seemed to be hitting all colours indiscriminately, double hook-ups were frequent.

I ended up boating around 20 or so very good fish around the 50 to 60cm length, 3 to 4 kilo mark, very thick and healthy looking fish. I dropped around half that many at the boat, most landed were set free to fight another day, kept three or four to salt up for bait, and kept two to try on the bbq as I was very suprised at how good the flesh looked, opaque to pale pink in colour, have never tried bonito so thought I would give it a go. I also noted that when cleaning the fish that they were full of pilchards, water temp was 17.5

I also managed to pick up three very large sergent bakers to my suprise, these fish will take anything.

In all I had a very good three hour session, when after getting out late the prospects were not high.

Sorry no pix today never had the camera.


Catch you soon,Lew.

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Nice report there Lewis ,Bonnies are great fun on light tackle and their eating qualities arent bad at all :biggrin2:

Cheers Swordfisherman

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They go well sashimi, just need to be bleed and put on ice asap. then serve at 4 degrees, straight from the fridge - awesome!

Also are great as steaks, seared either side, raw in the centre. marinated with oregano, chilli, lime and oil..

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mate thats awsome.

so by the sounds of it the bonnies may be around aftedr all

i got told they havent been around for around 5 years and would take another 2 years b4 they would be around.

was told that they stick around for 7 years n head off for a period of around 7 years

but who knows

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where they smashing the surface regulary?

G'day CaineS.

No, I never saw any surface action apart from the gulls that were just sitting on the water as I came around the headland, and as I was using deep divers 4mtrs depth, I only had one fish strike as I was setting the lures out which would indicate being near the surface, so pretty much all the fish were in the middle portion of the water column.

Catch you soon, Lew.

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