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Hawkesbury 18/5/06


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G'day Raiders

Managed to get in a few hours on the Hawkesbury this morning. Was hoping to get some squid for the weekend for the big you know whats. Sent down a livie rig and had a few good tugs. Pulled up and hooks were goooone... Hmmm change to JACKET rig. bang bang bang - Jacket after jacket. Some were kept for a feed and the others went free. Also got a good flounder/sole. Jacket, sole and salad for dinner toonight. Not what I intended but a very nice few hours on the water.

PS. On the way back came across a couple who had blown an old merc 150 and gave them a tow home. Bit of a bugger when you take your lady out for the day and the old donk packs up!

Hoping to finally get in a good shot at the big jew tomorrow afternoon.

Will let you know how it goes.

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Hopeing to get out in the boat on the weekend, what area did you get the Jackets. I drifted with the kids across Patonga last weekend but only got a couple of bream and tailor.

Hope you get the big ones.

Cheers Charlie

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G'day Charlie

Have a look along the northern moorings at Cottage Point. Use tough, small, long shank hooks.Take spare hooks. Try use squid ( small slivers ) if you can. Have some pliers handy and watch out for the spike on their back - especially if youre taking the kids. I was'nt on the drift.

good luck

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