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Which Type Of Burley And How To Use It?


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hey guys im gonan go fishing tomro and i need to buy some burley at *****, they sell the pellet ones and the ones that is like a mixture of meat and other stuff. The pellet one floats, but im not sure if a running sinker rig will work wif pellet ones, or is pellet ones only for float rig? cuz i dont have the float stuff.

hope you guys can help me out, cuz im still not sure which type of burley i should get, im gonna use it at mollineux point at botany bay on Saturday =p so yeh

thankz in advance!

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Guest Aron

Mate you will be better of getting your pellets from a pet store, i get mine from petbarn at northmead - im sure they is produce/pet shop near you that sells them (chook pellets) you will save heeps of $$ that way.

In a large bucket mix your pellets with bread (break up or turn into breadcrumbs) tuna oil, and old bait/inners/carcuses (cut up) - fill the bucket with saltwater to just cover the mixture and stir - let sit for 10 minutes and then ready to use.

The pellets soak up the water and will float down the water colum

Grab a hand full and roll into a ball to the size of a tennis ball and then drop over the back of the boat - repeat a couple of times - then slow it down till about once every 10-15 minutes

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