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I Can See It Now


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G`day Fellas ,

I can see it now , Fred appears at the local Pub , where he has been noticibly absent since being made redundant from his high paying job in senior management , .

" Geezus Fred thought you were Dead mate, where you been hiding ?" says Jame s the bartender .

" I Have been extremely busy retraining for my New position with Sydney Council boyz " said fred guardedly.

" Whatcha doin fred , not the Mayor I hope , although you couldn`t be any worse than the present dill" , replies wally the local garbo .

" Nah Lads , says fred gleefully , I`m the new " Butt Inspector" , anyone for a beer ? , I`m shouting .".

" Ahh , well Ok" says wally , " as long as your`e not pouring , I`ll have a schooner of new thanks ".


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