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Botany Bay Monday 10/6/06


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Hit the Bay this morning late start I waited to see what the weather was going to do by 7.30 it did not look to bad no wind and no rain so with Sunday and Monday looking pretty crook I thought I’m going , Got on the water at 8.15 tried the usual spots very quite ,expected some action after all the rain of the past week but the bay was pretty clean ,went to Bonner Point ,the wind by this time had dropped and the bay was almost glassy but the flathead did not want to play got 2 small ones and a squid ,tried a couple of other spots and got a nice flatty off Towra Point and 2 smaller ones .Thought I might troll the squid around Captain Cook bridge and see if there was any jew around but no luck , it was 11 am by now and starting to rain so I called it a day it was very quite but still it was great to get out on the waterpost-571-1149931105_thumb.jpgpost-571-1149931132_thumb.jpg

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