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Estuary Perch Action


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Hi all, Like a right D!@#head i posted a fishing report of my EP session on 'Fishing Chat' and had good info about the EP study being done By Chris from Fisheries. I hope that raiders on this site will embrace chris' research and help wherever possible. He will post here soon to give you all details on how to report info on the movements of these mysterious fish. :ninja:

Anyhow, this report is for friday so i apologise for the delay but i hope some of u still find it interesting. I went down the h'bury to attack the EP population again and i wasnt disappointed. This time though i was armed with some green fluro Berkely's that a local gun fisho laughed at me for such a loud presentation. It bloody worked though and i didnt take long for him to bite his lip. The sp acconted for 10 fish in the first 10 casts.... does it get any better than that. What better advertisement for Berkely. Admittedly they would of smashed anything... the fish were ravenous monsters. :drool:

A slow retrive seemed to work best as the tide bottomed out. I must say that the fish bite best when the was some tide present. No run no fun.

I love these fish... they may not have the gusto of brawling bream but never the less i enjoy catching them. I guess its because its a new thing and i still have alot to learn. If every session is like todays though the knowledge bank is building swiftly. I caught somewhere in the vicinity of 45 odd perch so i consider it to be one of my most successful sp days on record.

P.S thanks to HORSE for dropping me back to my car on Wednesday after i locked my keys in the car like the proverbial Dhead i am. :wacko::wacko::wacko:

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Great job once again, kevvie. What a day! Good on you for sticking to your guns about the fluoro Berkleys - I reackon you should use what works in a specific situation and that's exactly what you did. What a ripper session! :1yikes::yahoo:


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