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Jervis Bay- The Banks


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Hi all you keen fisho's

Jervis Bay is going off.................. :1fishing1:

Fished The Banks at Jervis Bay & couldnt do anything wrong there were fish everywhere.We had 3 on board & reached our bag limit of 15 kings in 2 hours in the end we were letting them go,They averaged 6-10 kg but the biggest caught was 13kg & lost alot of bigger ones that we couldnt stop on 24kg it was all over before we could lock up the drag.

We started off jigging & picked up a few kings with this method but were mainly getting bonitos so we dropped down cuttle fish strips on the bottom while drifting & killed them.There are alot of bronze whaler sharks out there as alot of fish were brought up in half or with a big bronze on their tail.

There were alot of boats out there as well as a film crew from "Fish One" who were into the fish so it might be televised in the next few weeks.

Im back in Sydney now & off to Browns Mountain in the morning cause I heard there are heaps of Yellowfin in 60 Fathoms apparently up to 30 kg,Il post a report tomorrow afternoon if we do any good.

Happy Fishing. :1fishing1:

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