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Still No Reply From The Minister


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G`day Fellas ,

It almost a month now since I sent a hand written letter to the Minister for Primary Industries Ian Macdonald , and as yet I have still had no reply , so I have sent off the following email to The Premier , Ian Macdonald again , and a few others , perhaps you might like to do so yourself , although if you do , I would rephrase your wording .

Chain letters , are immediately discarded by Pollies !.


Dear Minister ,

As a lifelong LABOR Voter , I am writing to you to express my deepest regret , that for the Ist time in my 66 years of age , I can no longer support Labor , and will at the next election , Vote for the liberal party.

Having recently retired to the mid north coast of NSW to pursue my other lifelong passion of fishing, but I now find that your proposed Marine Parks will seriously reduce my ability to to do so.

These Marine Parks are somewhat of a joke , and its obvious to all that , little or no input whatsoever was sought by Government from everyday NSW Recreational fishermen .

These parks have the potential to turn coastal hamlets into Ghost Towns should they go ahead , and I strongly urge you to reconsider.

In NSW alone , there are approximately One Million Rec Fishermen , who regularly take their families fishing on weekends , and probably that many again as retirees like myself , who have worked all their life , just to realise their dream of a fishing retirement .

Do you you seriously want to commit political suicide by alienating the entire fishing population of NSW by appeasing the Greens .

By allowing these Marine Parks to go ahead , you will be doing Just that , and that means at Least the next 8 years in opposition , so I urge you to think about it very carefully , before it`s too late.

Voting Liberal will be a very bitter pill for me to swallow , but your reckless action of bowing to the greens with these Marine Parks leaves me no choice .

Unless these Marine Parks are withdrawn , I will vote Liberal , along with another one Million like minded Rec fishos at the upcomming election.

Please Minister , Listen to what your researchers must be telling you by now , and abandon this reckless ideological project of the Greens , its total madness , and will cost many , many Thousands of Jobs as a result of it.




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