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Xmas Party


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I was wondering what you all thought of a proper Fish Raider Xmas party this year. Last year was a beer in the pub at chatswood but i am thinking about a dinner with our partners? I am not thninking the Ritz Carlton but somewhere were we can be ourselves and get to know each other. I would be prepared to organise the thing (groan). So how many would be in? Lets assume we were thinking something like North Ryde which is pretty central for most. The date would have to be determined by the availability, but now is the time to plan it. How much would you be prepared to spend a head for dinner?

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Guest Dont Shoot Da Chinamen


I am keen :1prop:

I would say probably $80 each max for me and the :wife:

North ryde sound tops :thumbup:

u talking about the rsl club or restaurant???

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A guys;

Berlez here I was a chef at North ryde RSL for a while; it has a resturant and a bistro for the cheap buggers like me; i live in North Ryde so that is even better;(can crawl home);

1 thing............ Dont shoot da chinmen suggested a price per head of $80;; i hope that is just for alcohol :beersmile:

get out there;


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