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Campbelltown Family Fish-in (macquarie Fields)


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Heard about this event from watching today's weather report on channel 10. Did anyone else see it?

13 June - Get Hooked on Family Fish-In

Hundreds of trout in a swimming pool might sound a bit fishy, but if you enjoy fishing and find it a bit cold to be standing hip deep in water, then join in this fun filled Family Fish-In event at Macquarie Fields Leisure Centre, Fields Road Macquarie Fields.

The Family Fish-In will be held on Saturday 8 July and Sunday 9 July 2006. Each Fish-In session is one hour in duration.

The morning sessions will start at 6am on Saturday and Sunday, with a further two morning sessions at 7.15am and 8.30am. Additional evening sessions will be held at 5pm and 6.15pm on Saturday night only.

The event cost is $9 per session, which entitles a person to one fishing station. Condition of entry identifies one fishing rod per station, making the chance of catching a big one even more exciting!

No lures, sinkers or nets are allowed and you must take your own reels, rod and bait. There is a limit of 36 anglers per session, with a catch limit of four fish per person.

Patrons who leave the pool empty handed will receive a free pool pass to visit the leisure centre when normal swimming activities resume.

Tickets are on sale now so do not miss out. Bookings are essential. For further information contact the Macquarie Fields Leisure Centre on 8796 4000.

Seems like fun as i've never been trout fishing before. I won't be able to go though unfortunately to an existing holiday that has been planned :thumbdown: , but if anyone else turns up, please post a review and some pics too would be great. :biggrin2:

Here's the link by the way: Campbelltown Family Fish-In

Those that go, have fun. :1fishing1:

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Guest madsmc

That's an interesting concept, but I wonder what bait you could use to "match the hatch" for a trout that lives in a council swimming pool? :blink:



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Guest maraudingmado

McDonalds, KFC, Assorted Crisps, Chocolate of various makes. The local tuck shop would be the best bait shop :1prop:

On a more serious note it's good to see that at least they are trying something different out that way. I lived there for 18 months and it's good to see someone is thinking of things to do. :thumbup:

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Ive been there 3 times before, the trout arent always hungry but when they are you can get a few and some are decent size.

We used regular garden worms, corn and instant baits and the odd lure when no one was watching :1prop:

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