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Off The Stones 7/7 @ Kiama


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the alarm sounded at 5am which signalled the beginning of the end of the beginning....

departed not long after with my best mate ( a non fisho) as my source of company.

1st snag eventuated trying to turn onto the m7 when i realised i had turned down the wrong way heading towards newcastle so i reversed up the ramp and busted a U turn to go the right way , this itself was only a minor problem, the major problem was now the big semi hurtling in my direction ... missed us by a whisker and we reacted in the only way imaginable ( :074: and high fives) not a bad wake up call i must say!

Anyway no further problems along the way, arrived on location around 7am.

we were fishing very light armed with my trusty Raider and 2 ancient rods i managed to scratch up in the garage ( 1 was deadset about 30 yrs old), it was very quiet and FREEEEEZING for the 1st half hour or so but as the sun peeked over the backdrop of rocks and our numb hands given some warmth, my mate hooks up to a fish on you guessed it , THAT 70's ROD. :1yikes: It was only a pesky rock cod but i couldnt bear myself to take away his joy and we celebrated his 1st fish :yahoo: , minutes later he hooks up again on 70's and all of a sudden im 0-2 down and staring down the barrel of defeat . I managed to skip away within the next hour with 5 of the bast**ds and i left him to keep feeding the rodents while i tried for something palatable.

had no luck chasing any bream or trevs in my little secret hole, then all of a sudden i see a mass of surface action not too far out, i quickly re-rigged up to a metal slice and chased the action but the samboz just didnt want a bar of that lure. :ranting2:

The day was looking very poor on the fishing front, so i decided a little recess was on the cards, we pulled out my video camera and got some footage of some surfers and just enjoyed the scenery and kicked back and talked about our problems with the Miss Potentials , anyway decided to goof off and do a send up of old Rexy Hunt, so as i was yakking on and being smart about " bait selections and presentations" and " how to juggle the ladies " my rod was almost reefed out of my hands as a possible tailor/sambo struck my pilly and headed to NZ with it. My 4lb mainline didnt stand a chance as i was completely cleaned up , all on camera... and the look on my face as you can imagine PRICELESS.

I beefed up to a 15lb leader and almost instantly hooked up to another solid fish , only for it to spit the hook mid fight... my mate was having a great time now filming all my frustration.

The gods did shine on me about 10 mins later when i landed my PB Bream of 39cm on video :biggrin2:

We never did manage to land any other decent fish, but were busted off a few times ( im guessing some choppers) as i only brought very basic tackle and were fishing very light 2-4lb , we ended up with 20+ rock rubbish, the bream and 2 very ugly eels.

But most importantly we had great fun, got some fresh air and cleared our heads ( conditions were BEAUTIFUL) and came home very relaxed and ready to do battle with the world again, Oh and the bug has bitten my mate so im keen to take him out for round 2 sometime soon :thumbup:

best of luck to all fisho's this weekend, hope your fishing luck is better than mine

tight lines to all :1fishing1:


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Great report and well done taking a newbee fishing as well :thumbup: and top bream at 39 cms wtg !!!

Cheers Swordfisherman

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