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Wentworth Falls Lake


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howdy all raiders

Went down to the lake this afternoon for a couple of hours to see if i could catch a trout or two. The wind was blowing quite strongly which made casting light lures a little difficult so i switched to a small 7g tassie in brown bomber colours and was rewarded almost instantly with a brown trout of about a kilo or just over. The fish was caught casting parallel to the bank in 2ft of water and put up a surprisingly good fight for its size.U nfortunately it was to be the only fish for the day. Took a photo on my phone camera but have not worked out how to post it yet, will keep trying. :1fishing1: troutboy

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Hi guys, to cover the most water I would have to say the small tassie devils in the 7gram size would be your best bet. Try browns and blacks to imitate the gudgeons that they feed on at this time of year. Remember that you are allowed 2 attended outfits so its always a good idea to have a second rod set in a rod holder with some bait, powerbait or worms work well. Good luck cheers Troutboy :1fishing1:

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