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Se Qlder's...how Many Of Us Are There?


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I want to get more of us Qlder's to chat and share info on fav places, fav species, tactics etc I tend to fish either around Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast and want to move up from just chasing Bream & Whiting to chasing Tailor, Trevally and most of all Jew. Occassionally I slip over to Nth Straddie.

Does anyone have any reports of catching Jew in South East Qld? I also want to explore using soft plastics so any tips and advice would be appreciated.

Also anyone a member of a fishing club? are they worth it?


Mike L.


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Hi there,

I'm pretty new to this whole forum thingy.

I'm from brissy I normally head to southport and throw a line it off the spit or the jetty, but I only ever seem to catch a cold...... I'm going to give the sunny coast a go. I hear the pumicestone passage is pretty good (yep I read that off this site) :P . Apart from that I drop down to the moggil ferry to catch the odd cat fish (yay) ir throw some pots in up at pinkenba... not that i recomend eating anthing you catch from the brissy river....heh

With any luck someone can shed some light onto some good spots..



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