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Which Camera?(stupid Question)


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Hi Raiders;

This may be a stupid question but can anyone suggest a decent camera so i can take some pics of future catches. As you can probably tell im not very good with technolgy; computers,cameras, actually if it comes with an instruction manual then its to hard for me so i just launch the boat and go fishing. :1fishing1:

get out there;


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G`day Fellas ,

I prefer The Sony Cameras To All Others , but the link below will take you to a very good site that continuously reviews Cameras of all Makes , models and prices .

Select the one that best suits your pocket , forget About Digital Zoom , Optical zoom is the only one that Matters.

Get some good rechargeable batteries , and a quality one hour charger , trust me , you would need two jobs to pay for alkaline batteries.

But do your homework before you buy , and espicially , keep an eye on K......Mart... for their 15-20-25% off sales .



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It all depends on how much you want to spend..

I have to agree with Mick, the Sony's are worth a look. I had one for ages and it never missed a beat.

In saying that I have just upgraded to an Olympus 720SW after the Sony got wet once to many times... The new Olympus is waterproof and shockproof so is more suited to a life in the boat and it takes a great picture.

You will need some sort of optical zoom. As Mick said the digital zoom is a waste of time. The other thing to keep an eye on is the pixel count.. although some of them now are a bit over the top for your average Joe. Make sure you see a couple of photos printed that have been taken on the camera.... or better still take one yourself and get them to print it while you wait

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try this site: http://www.dpreview.com/

Yank site, but can compare a large range of cameras, choose a camera by selecting the features you want etc. Got full reviews of plenty of cameras.

Here's a tip - buy online if you can as you will save $$$. Here or here are good places to shop. Bought from both and saved heaps with delivery very quick (1 or 2 days)....

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Hi Berlez,

Take a look at the thread that rzep linked to, lotsa good info there. as I said in that thread, I have a Pentax Optio WPi, which is waterproof, easy to use, light, compact and has taken a beating with no probs so far. Takes a pretty decent picture too. I killed my old Canon (amd a mobile too) from just exposing it to salty air too often, so for fishing photos I reccomend a waterproof or resistant model of some sort.



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Thanks for the help raiders;

checked out a couple of the links and it seems that optical zoom and pixels are the important thing to look at and have found a nice sony that should do the job hopefully have some pics soon. :1fishing1:

Get out there;


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