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Guest lbgking

Whats faster???

Two 25 hp's or one 50 hp?????

Just out of curiousity.....

Little Johnny is talking to father Michael about holy water.

Father Michael says to Johnny "holy water is full of gods miracles. And that just yesterday he had wiped some holy water on a ladies belly and this morning she passed a baby."

Johnny says "thats nufffin. this mornin I wiped some metho on a cats arse and it passed a motorbike." :074::074::074:

I Don't think it would matter mate. One engine has less hassles that two. e.g servicing.

25hp will still see you flying past many productive fishing holes.

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The issue is service costs on 2 motors verses one,

and one motor carrying the weight home of its dead brother - It has to be able to get up on the plane (in marginal conditions) to get you home........

Here 50hp and 50hp do not equal 100hp. You really need twin 60's.

(most manufactures use the same block (same weight) on the 60hp as the 70hp, except the Mercury 60hp last time I checked).

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