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A Reply From The Premier

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The Premier has received your recent email concerning Marine Parks.

As the matter you have raised primarily concerns the administrations of the Attorney General, Minister for the Environment, and Minister for the Arts, the Hon RJ Debus MP and the Minister for Natural Resources, Minister for Primary Industries, and Minister for Mineral Resources, the Hon IM Macdonald MLC, the Premier has arranged to bring your approach to the Ministers' attention.

You may be sure that your comments will receive close consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Jocelyn Mouawad

Assistant Private Secretary

Dear Secretary ,

Let me assure you , that this matter does concern the Premier , because I have never in my entire life heard such a consistent uproar from people I know , or just bump into at the clubs I visit .

The swell is unbelievable , and it`s nothing like I have ever heard before in my 66 Years .

This Marine Park fiasco , Trust Me , will surely lose the Premier his Job.

Think about it ....8 years in opposition , 8 years , with those namby , pambys , Nah Nahs , nahing him daily for 8 long Years.

Name and Address supplied

So Thats it then , It`s not his problem.

Methinks Our Premier only grabbed this job for the pension that comes with it , because I don`t think he has the Balls to stick around after they get flogged .

And after 12 years on The Benches , there will be so much poison being spat in the Bear pit , labor will think they have fallen into a pit full of Cobra`s.


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Nice work Mick, have you seen the draft plan for the batemens bay marine park? Its grim, let me tell you!

Agreed, nice work Mick and Gibbofisho.

I have been writing to Iemma also regarding that fact that he's been mislead by the Greens, in fact lied to by omission. I copied the article in this link from Narooma News

( http://narooma.yourguide.com.au/deta...ral...;m=6&y=2006 ) and it's very interesting as it details some of the ways the Wilderness Society accrue their scientific evidence.

It's amazing what lengths these guys go to just to spite the rest of the human race! Their rationale could be used to suggest that all humans be removed from the Australian continent on the grounds that it's one of the most unspoilt islands around and that it should be preserved. Nutters.



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