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A Veeerrryyyy Slow Parra 22 07 06

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Hi Raiders,

Andy and I hit the Parra from Silverwater today as planned and luckily the rain stayed away.

With almost no wind to speak of all day conditions were quite nice if only a bit brisk. We fished Hen and Chicken Bay for a big zilch. There were large mullet splashing around up near the golf course but not much else. I think the tide had dropped too far but never mind, on we went.

There's not much else to tell about fishing in the Parra today. We stopped at a few spots on our way up to Cockatoo Island for not a touch - hardly a bite.

We didn't get our first fish until we went up into the Lane Cove near Figtree Bridge. Here drifing the edge of the channel on the dropping tide we found a nice little patch of bream and flatties. No size to any of the fish with only one legal bream and two (just) legal flatties but plenty of action to keep us busy.

So... not a scale turned in the Parra proper but the lane cove seemed to be doing OK. The water temp was a bit warmer up in the lane cove as well.

Here's a few pics of the fish we got. In all a nice day but very slow, but hey, it's winter, you get that!!





Dave and Andy.

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The slow fishing in the parra river may have something to do with that weird white goo (chemical spill/dumb) the river had during the week??

I look forward to many days fishing with my boy when he gets older

Well done mate - great stuff

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Shame about that Motty. It must have been the tide as it's been great up the back of H.C Bay all week in the arvos. I'll post a report a bit later. No gue up there yet.

At least you found a few up the Lane Cove & it was a cracking day to be on the water.

Thanks for the report.


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Guest BBM Rick

More great pics there Andy, keep up the good work, mate. (oh, and i guess your pics were okaayyy, Motty).


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Thanks guys :thumbup:

I think we were definately there at the wrong tide. High was about 6am from memory and we didn't get up the back of Hen and Chicken till about 9.30 or 10am (5am is too cold a start for Andy!!). It was quite low by then.

We searched a couple of other spots in H.C. that normally provide a fish, but no luck at all. :thumbdown:

There was no sign of any "goo" at all and we put the boat in at Silverwater. A few waterways boats up that far checking things out though.

I'll sit and look forward to Jewhunter's report and go green with envy by the sounds of it.... :mad3:

Thanks again.



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