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Swimming With Sharks In Manly Rock Pool


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Swimming with sharks in Manly rock pool


A PORT jackson shark had to be rescued from the swimming pool at Fairy Bower by staff from Oceanworld Manly.

It is thought the shark had been caught by a fisherman and placed in the pool as a practical joke.

An Oceanworld staffer said it was not unusual for port jackson sharks to be used for such pranks because they were harmless.

The staffer said the shark was unharmed and was in good condition.

He said NSW Fisheries was usually called upon to deal with sharks in pools but in this case Oceanworld keeper Matt Jensen was close at hand and able to come to the shark's rescue.

The shark was released into the wild after its short sojourn in the Fairy Bower pool.

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how cute was that shark lol , i wonder how the guy managed to get hold of the shark, maybe he got some food to attrack it

My guess is it was line caught by a fisho and dumped into the pool for a lark.

Glad to see it was a happy outcome for the poor defenceless PJ.


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