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Black Fish In The Georges (pics Now Added)


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Gday guys,

headed out fri 28th about lunch time with another fellow raider (livebait), to one of our normal spots to try & get in to some black fish. Spent about 45 mins there for no downs, so the anchors came up & we headed to another spot that we took a liking to. for about the first 20 mins or so, not much action. Then the tide picked up some pace & started to eddy & the fun began. Plenty of downs & ended up going home with 9 keepers between us. :thumbup:

After doing well on the friday, we decided to head back there again on the sat. arrived about the same time & it didnt take long. After about 10 mins, down after down. The quality of the fish this day wasnt as good, but they were there in numbers. We would have thrown back 20 or so between us, but even these little buggers put up a great fight on light gear. We also had a rod out each, fishing the bottom with prawns. Livebait was on to a nice blacky & as you do, you grab the net straight away & help him land it. While i was doing so, my other rod, buckled over, so i set the hook. Net in one hand, rod in the other with a decent fish on. Not knowing if i should drop the net & land my own fish or continue to help livebait, the rod tip flew up & it was gone. reeled it in to find my hook had been taken & the fish was never to be seen :mad3: . Anyway, after alot of small blackfish we ended up with another 9 keepers. :yahoo:

Pics will be added soon.


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G`day Fellas ,

Huntings , can I ask you where you caught those Blackies mate ?.


Gday Mick,

We caught them on the illawong side of the river, across from Lugarno seafood restaurant. there is a rock wall that runs along here & some sort of old shack/house. You will find them right along there, but you have to pick the right tide & also the time that you go as there can be a bit of traffic through this area. If you have no luck there, there are heaps of other places not far from here that you should find them. Try on the Lugarno side too, in close right out the front of the restaurant.

Regards, Huntingforjewies

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