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Wrassin Again

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G'day all,

I headed out for a bit of a wrasse session with a mate on the weekend with the hope of maybe a salmon or squid as well. It was a bit slow to start with the fish a bit hesitant. We'd gone to a new spot so I went for a bit of an explore. I found a broad, sheltered embayment with a nice reefy bottom and my first cast was hammered by an unexpected (in this shallow water) medium salmon which I pulled the hooks on at my feet. The next couple of casts drew surface hits from salmon but I couldn't get the hooks in. I then scored a big hit on the surface which turned out to be a nice wrasse (about 45cm) so I had a good fish for a pic.

I placed him in a rock pool and went to get Nik. Upon my return I discovered that the fish had managed to wrap me up in some weed in the rock pool and snap my leader but he still had nowhere to go so I got my fish and lure back.


After putting this one back It was niks turn and i think his first cast produced another blue on a gulp grub.


We went on to score several more wrasse though the salmon had moved on. We also brought out the fly rods for no luck. Finally some strengthening wind, a rising tide and heavy rain forced a early finish.

On the way back I managed to score the biggest hookup though, tripping and falling onto a fly box (which spilled its contents) and embedding a stinger treble in my left hand and splittin my right thumb open. Should have popped the out straight away as by the time we got back to the car and swelling had set in it wouldn't budge so I had to go to emergency to get it removed and get my thumb fixed up. Still, at least we caught something.



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Some great wrasse, there. Sounds like top sport! :yahoo: Hope your thumb is OK now. :ranting2:


Yeah the wrasseys were good fun, several landed and several roastings, all good fun. First time I've been snotted in a rock pool too. Hands all good, nothing a bit of anaesthetic and plier work and stitching couldn't fix.

Note to all: If you hook yourself, pop it out quick as it comes out much easier if you get to it before it swells (about five min).



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