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Season Begins

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Hi all,

Well the tassie trout season finally started again on saturday and despite the best laid plans, I ended up quite sick and had to make do with just a very quick sesh on the south esk instead of my much more extensive plans. Still I managed a fish on opening day so it could have been worse.

First fish of the season, 35cm lure eating brownie.


So after a bit of a fizzer on open day I was keen for a pre-work sesh now I'm feeling better.

As a result, I took the yak out on a local lake this morning and managed a nice little 2.5lb atlantic salmon - a first for me from the yak. Should be tasty.





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Cheers Fellas.

Great fish Col and I do beleive that is a first for the Raiders an Atlantic Salmon ??

Would you like to submit you fish for the records section with a size or length and a little bit of info on it :biggrin2:

Cheers Swordfisherman

For the record it was 48.5cm fork length, weighed exactly 2.5lb on the kitchen scales (imperial scales??) and took a trolled tango spoon (blue). It was only a baby though especially considering a 10.6kg one was taken from the same lake on saturday - now thats a big fish. No guilt about keeping it despite the relative small size as they are only stockies (ex brood stock) and don't do real well after release, losing condition and not breeding, most starving if not caught and besides they're ferals anyway. Still fun though: a good fight and good on the plate I'm told. I don't eat fish myself as I just don't like the taste or texture - wish I did - (almost all my fish are released) but the inlaws loved it. Salmon are becoming increasingly available to anglers down here with some farms donating excess stock to the IFS for stocking as well as the escapees from sea cages in the south. Now I want a big one.



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