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Botany Bay This Saturday 12 August


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gday Ross

we will probably try and fish either side of the high tide (about 10.30) and will be lurking around moulineux and the runway.

Our boat can be easily identified by the loud squaking noise onboard it ( argh, sorry honey , don't hit me again!)

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Also hoping to be on the bay sat morn.....prob with :wife:

Motor going for overdue service so hopefully be ready

Prob start at Mol pt then try everwhere else we know to no avail

as usual........but hey, beets working round the house.

How far off the coast is browns? Me and the boat are capable but

not sure bout the :wife:

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I'll be out there looking for a feed of winter whiting and flatties etc. :thumbup:

I'll be in my tinnie with a mate and two other mates will be in another boat.

Launching from the Cooks at around 6.30 - 7'ish and going to my usual haunts. :biggrin2:

You'll know me when you see me by way of stickers on the side of the old tinnie and 'leccy on the front. :1prop:

I haven't fished since the end of May due to an injury but now I'm on the way back just in time for the bass season and summer bream tournament series. :yahoo:

Less of this :beersmile: and more of this :1fishing1:

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