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Concretor Wanted

The Iceman

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G`day Fellas ,

Come on guys , must be a heap of concreters On Here .

Give a mate a hand , 3 hours max, 5 slabs of VB or Tooheys is the standard for I slab of concrete .

Pity I`m so far away , I`m no concreter , but I`ve helped many a mate lay a slab , its not brain surgery , forming up is the hardest part .


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Anyone know any decent fence men?

Live out near Parramatta and sick of guys not turning up to do quotes.

Want a 1.8m wooden fence ( 29 metres per side) and then drop it down to 1.2 metres or tapered for the other ten.

So 58 metres of fencing needed. Anyone know anyone? :1prop:

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