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Baitrunner Problem


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I have a Shimano 3500btr which i love but the last time i went fishing i discovered that the baitrunner would not click over fully once i turned the handle. :(

Has anyone experienced this? It's not really a big deal, I can just flip the thumb over, but just in case i was REALLY on a big one...

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I'm On

I've never actually taken a Baitrunner apart although i have dismantled plently of threadlines in the past.

My understanding is that the baitrunners operate a completely separate drag system on the bottom of the reel, and that when you click the baitrunner switch you effectively engage the baitrunner drag and disengage the normal drag. The 'cancel' for this is triggered by winding the handle, which will most likely release an internal spring which pulls the baitrunner function back to the off position.

The point of all this is that if your baitrunner function is not returning fully to the 'off' position it is likely that the spring is either blocked or damaged and is therefore unable to completely pull the baitrunner function back as it is supposed to.

My advice is therefore that you open the side-plate of the reel up and have a look inside to see if there is anything obviously clogging the baitrunner mechanics. If there isn't then it is likely that the release spring is damaged and you should get the reel repaired professionally.

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no shimano maintenance experience yet but ive pulled down an okuma baitrunner

a few times now, i reckon mondo must have x ray specs or a gear driven brain

cos thats about it exactly.

on the okuma the catch to change gear is a shitty mechanism and can be tuned up

with a bit of lube and a general cleanup. the spring is critical and if it is kinked a little

its cactus.

either way, slapping the lever on the rear of the reel will be more reliable and precise than

turning the handle a quarter of a turn.

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