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Salmon At Murk


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I got out amongst the salmon at nth head yesterday arvo. I was driving past Freshy headland on my way to get my mail at Harbord and saw from there a massve dark smudge on the water with seagulls going berzerk at queensy bomby. the sea was still at that stage. I went back to work to get my boat and must have been on the water 40 mins after my sighting. I didnt quite get all the way around to the Qcliff bomby as the fish were boiling the water at the old murk at Nth head. I got there just before the NE blew up which made it wet and uncomfortable. Got 4 good fighting size salmon and dropped another 2. I was using my bream/flatty SP rod with 6pnd braid was great fun. One ever leaped out of the water 3 times!! I didnt have any metal slices with me and at first i didnt think there were going to take anything as i was throwing 6'' mullet style plastic at them and after 10 casts hooked up. i changed to squdgie fish after that and the was more inviting as they we chasing them and only took about 5 casts to hook up, then swaped to pink squdgie fish and 2 fish in three throws with that. I know what i will be startng with next time. Left after it was geting very wet and sick with the NEster blowing hard into the rocks. was hard to pull away with the water boiling and hard to spook fish. You could drive straight into them and they would just slowly go about their business. I have a phone cam pic and will post it when i work it out later.


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Hi nrperry,

Mate I live around that area and I saw the birds right near the bommie yesterday arvo. I haven't seen that many birds for a long time. They had a nice cricle surrounding thats for sure.

Well done on the catch and getting out there so quickly. I was supirsed that the birds were there for so long.


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Sounds like you had a great session there nrperry.

It's great to get outthere and get into the action straight away.

Looks like the plastics worked well for you.

Looking forward to the pics.

Well done. :thumbup:

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