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Dee Why Beach - Again


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Well, here I am again. I decided to toss the idea of the lakes in favor of my favorite piece of beach. It was back to Dee Why for a beach session. Once again I dragged out the beach gear in hope. The side wash was was still pretty strong. I decided to load up on the lead. This got me out and in place, without being effected by the drift. I must admit that I had some problems with the drift in terms of line twist.

As bait went, I was using some wonderful pillies, but the result was zip. Everytime I put on the the squid, the bites came. Now is the time to give away a secret. Get your squid, and then wait for the next part. Here it comes:

Take some polystyrene and cut it into small slivers. Everytime you send out a full squid, cut a wedge of polystyrene and slide it into the hood. Use some cotten to secure it all and the squid will float up like it lives. This is a sensational way to put life into a dead piece of seafood.

I got heaps of bites with this method, but I must admit that I went home cold and hungry. I hope that my squid tip works for some raiders. usually if there are fish that like squid, the floating method with the styrene does wonders. Make sure that the styrene is hidden under the hood.

Tight lines :1fishing1:

I should probably add that I caught zip, but I had a few bites. This is not a bad rap on the method I explained above, but rather a lack of time. The method above works very well, and I have caught many fish in the past this way........

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