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Troutin 19/8.


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I headed down to the North esk river in suburban launceston yesterday for a couple of hours hoping for one of the big sea-runners that head up there in the early season. I started off ok scoring 4 fish in the first 40min (1 every ten minutes) before having a bad run for an hour dropping 3 fish and missing a few more before finally getting number 5. Up until then the fish had been standard river sized fish of 35-40cm but all were typically silvery sea-runners. Number six was a better fish in the low 50s and fat as and I then hooked and dropped at my feet a very brown resident of about the same size and scored another smaller fish as well as dropping a couple more before I had to head back home and get ready for work.

As I had accidentally left the camera at home so was going to rely on the phone but apparently I was deleting the pics as I took them instead of saving them - oops. Oh well, one at least got saved and now Iknow what I'm doing for future reference.




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