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Lane Cove River

Bream Mad

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Yesterday i found a spot pretty close to work that looks the goods, but i am a bit concerned about pollution. The spot is upstream of fig tree bridge where the wooden walking bridge crosses the river. Water was very deep 2-3m right off the rocky ledge, plus the current really rips along. However the water had a pretty polluted smell about it. :thumbdown: Has any one fished this spot and would it hold any decent fish or is it too polluted??



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This area should hold fish..... further up the river near the weir area doesn't seem to hold mchexcept for mullet and sharks (PM me if you wanna know more about the sharks) fig tree is probably the best spot on the river if your land based..... and while it is poluted it still holds fish..... just make sure you dont eat them :074:

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