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Saturday Double

Guest madsmc

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Guest madsmc

Arrived at my usual Stockton spot at 7am this morning. The weather was pretty poor, with intermittent rain and a moderate south westerly breeze, but that's OK because the fish didn't seem to mind. :thumbup:

Over a three hour session, I landed six bream, and a few undersize flathead. The bream ranged from 23cm up to the best fish of 30cm. Most were around the 26-28cm mark. They all put on a great fight, with two of the bigger ones taking line on decent runs.

Pics of some of the bigger ones:




I missed a few good hits here and there, and dropped what felt like a really good bream straight after the hookup. All of the bream were taken on 3 inch Bass Minnow's (Bloodworm) with a 2 gram Squidgy ball headed jig.

Just after 10am, the rain picked up and it didn't seem like it going to stop, so I went home to dry off and have a feed.

With the southerly breeze picking up, I decided to drive down to Swansea and see if any flatties were about. The tide was starting to really motor out by this stage, which made things a bit difficult, but eventually one of the resident beasts had a crack at my plastic.

It's been a little while since I've been connected to a decent flathead, and this one certainly didn't disappoint. Two great runs at the start of the fight, a few big headshakes, before a final run in close and then it was time for the net. A lovely fish of 69cm, which isn't too far off my PB of 76. After a quick snap with the digi, and a measure, she was released in good health. :yahoo:

The flathead was taken on a 3 inch Atomic Jerk Minnow (Pearl white, light blue) on a 2 gram Squidgy ball headed jig.

After not fishing last weekend, and nearly going :wacko: during the week because of it, today was just what I needed. A few cleansing ales and a steak on the BBQ tonight will cap off a great day. :biggrinthumb:

Also christened a new reel today, a 2500 Daiwa Exceler. Great little reel, performed flawlessly.


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Nice little session there Shane.

Some nice fish landed and a good day out to cleanse the angling soul I'm sure.

Wish I had done the same, but stuck at home looking after :wife: who's not feeling too well today.

Well done, and all on plastics too.


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Guest madsmc

Thanks for the comments guys. It certainly was a fun couple of sessions. :biggrin2:

I hope this flattie season will let me at least push across the magical 60mark (or more!), fingers crossed.

Good luck with it Ronald. :thumbup: My mission this season is to break the 80cm mark, although I think I might need a bigger net because I struggled to fit my PB 76'er in last time.

Once I get to 80, I'll aim for 90, and hopefully above for that magic metre mark. I love chasing the monsters. :biggrin2:


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A great day's fishing there. Well done! Sadly my efforts with flatties has been abysmal...... even the missus managed to best me. :( But I'm learning! We all have to start somewhere. The new boat MUST help! :yahoo: , surely! Great set of photos too.

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