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Cooks River 27-8-06


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After a big night out on Saturday night for my mate Stevo's birthday [woftam] we decided to go for an arvo spin at the Cooks. I was hoping to christen my new rod on a nice fat trevally but once we arrived i ended up leaving it in the car cause of the strong breeze :thumbdown:

Anyway we wandered up and down the shore line from the end of the break wall up into the creek passed the boat ramp for nothing much at all, not even a :bump0ee:

As we were walking back to the cars i said im going to have one last go under the road bridge and see what happens, 1st cast i landed it just behind the pylon and let the current take it away. Two slight jigs back towards me and i was on to what felt like an alright fish, it had a little bit of a run on some really loose drag then came to the surface... a bloody flathead i swung it around the pylon and beached it for a quick pic then slid it back into the water.


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