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Hey all,

I am thinking of taking the fam up to gunya on sunday - for "supposedly my day".

It is not a fishing trip for me but to get the kids out - oh yeah & the :wife: .

My question is this

I was only going to take a little rod filled with 6lb mono, to practise using sp's. Should i take a rod with a little bit heavier line too?

I know this is a pretty open question, but just wondering as i would hate to lose something on 6lb

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Crow, I assume you are referring to Gunya Beach in the Hawkesbury and if so you could go a little heavier. A lot of sand so you may come across a nice flathead from the beach. Around the rocks there will be bream.

If in a boat the northern side of Gunya point the water can get to 21m deep and on the southern side 15m and this is where there is a possible Jewfish with your name on it.

Hope you have a great day. I will be at the Garden of Eden for breakfast with the family



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Thanks Martin,

& yes sorry it is Gunya Beach h/bury

I will be boat bound, but spend a bit of time on the beach as well.

So thanks for the tips

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