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Getting Stoned At Thompson Creek Dam


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After our original plans had to be aborted due to suspect weather, We, or should i say Stewy suggested a suitable plan "B". I would meet at his house at the Ungodly hour of 4:30 and we would make the pilgramidge up to the beautiful Thompson Creek Dam.

True to our plans i arrived at Swordies at 4:20, Looking more like the Michillan Man than a fisherman, Chugged down a quick coffee and set off. We were making good time so with stomachs grumbling we stoped in at Lithgow Macca's for a "sh#t breakfast", Sorry i ment "Big breakfast". By this time anticipations were running high, as Stewy recalled his last trip to the "Land of the Giants". So we scoffed down our powdered eggs and Coffee and Hit the road again. (Thanks for the breakie mate, your a gentleman)

The rest of the trip flew, Don't know if it was exitment or my Crazy Driving, But with Stew on navigation duty's We got there without a hitch.

After the 45min walk in things were looking promising with Km's of good looking bank to cast from, Deep water off points ,Shallow bays. It just looked too good, and i was itching to have that first cast. But as that first cast turned into 10, turned into 100, We were starting to scrach or heads. By this point i think i had given nearly every lure in my arsenal a decent run, for not even the slightest touch, But being the persistent buggers we are we just kept plugging our way down what seemed like an endless bank.

We had been casting for about 3 hours when we came across another very "Fishy" looking bay which was muddied by the relentless lapping of the waves caused by the gusting winds. I sent the little red Celta out again and began slooowwly rolling it back, and just as it hit the fringe of the murky water it stopped dead, I remember thinking i was caught on the bottom, when it began the most lethargic, pityfull fight i have ever beared witness to. It was somewhere between a wet sock and a Sea Cucumber.

Once i had it beached the size of this fish became obvious, at 55cms Its no record but its my Pb. We took a few happy snaps and released her. She was in fantastic condition and full of eggs, some of which she released as we were taking the photos.

We kept walking and casting, walking and casting, etc. for another whole lot of nothing, But the senery and great company, kept the spirits high and the laughs coming. We continued untill we could no more, then turned around and began our assult on the way back.

Peppering the shoreline on our way back things were once again quiet and i decided to back track and hit the bay where i caught the trout earlier for the third time, But it wasn't to be. As i made the last cast in that bay and thought about making my way up to where Stewy was, i heared a faint "DAN....DAN.....DAN" Then saw Stewy running around the point that sepparated us with his rod in one hand a rainbow trout in the other and a smile like a split watermelon. He had a very solid male rainbow, We know its a male because of its hooked jaw and another reason that i'll let Swordie tell you all about. Hahahaha.

With new found enthusiasm, we kept on pluggin but with no avail. we worked the remaining shoreline till we were back at the dam wall, Were we sat down, had a sandwich and though about the dredded the walk out, Just then a bloke in a Landcruiser tray back came over the crest of a hill and drove down to where we were, He came to pick up hose and tools he left there earlier. After talking for a few minutes (and trying to butter him up i must admit) he offered us a seat in the trailer and a lift to the gate, We climbed in, got as comfortable as we could, and with a "Hang On" from the driver we were off. And hang on we did, this bloke was like Peter Brock's protege and we traveled the 45min walk in about two and a half minutes getting pelted in the head and body by rocks and stones and laughing like school kids the whole way, not believeing how lucky we were.

Back at the car we reminised on what was not an extreemly successful day, but a fantastic day all the same, Good weather, Good mates, Good fish, what more could a Michillin man want.

Sorry about such a long post, I can't help it, i get exited! :1prop:







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Nice report & pics Dan. Well done on the p.b :thumbup:

Some of the fish there are very strange the way they fight. I've got quite a few that fought like yours did & others that put on a good show.

You guys did well to raise a couple at this time of year. They have other things on there mind, like Stewy :074: , & can be very tough to catch.

Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you get into a few that pull a bit next time.



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Well done guys,

Good report :biggrin2: . I tell you, you could not have picked a tougher time to fish thommo's, catching (attempting to spawn) rainbows is pretty tough. They only bite out of aggression not for food. Thought you might have raised a brownie though, these have finished spawning and are looking for meal. Did you guys make it round to the quarry? this is were the fish usually congregrate to get it on!! :074:

As far as fish performance goes i too have had mixed results, some fish just roll around on the spot :thumbdown: , others take serious stopping as they head for the other side :yahoo:

Cheers Guys


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