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17mtr Barra!


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Dunno if anyone has red the Sept issue of Modern Fishing.. I was looking at the bit about the Barra Nationals 2006.. I'm sure it says a 17mt plus Barra was caught..


I'm sure a decimal point must've been left out - but 1.7m is HUUUUUUGE! :1yikes::biggrin2::thumbup:


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17 kgs and bigger yes, but (17 meters) Im going to go with my gut on this one and say no. Thats about the size of a blue whale. The eggs alone would be the size of tennis balls. If it says that it must be a G-UP or a miss print.

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It is NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE for a barra to reach 17m. The barramundi's closest and coolest relative, the Nile Perch, only grows to about 175kg (although, unconfirmed catches of fish to 235kg have been recorded). I'll let pics speak for themselves:





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maybe. . .

i think this is right,

the barra nationals is a catch and release comp

at the start you get a ruler and a camera

the winner is the team with the most cm's of fish

so biggest fish may not win

most fish may not win

etc etc

makin sense???

17 metres of fish could be 12 fish or 25.

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