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Flounder, Tailor, Whiting, Flathead But No Bream

Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders,

Fishing this week at both iron cove and lane cove has been interesting. Found a pretty good spot around the hospital at IC fished mostly gulp sandworms. These things are dynamite :thumbup: , but hard to hook up :mad3: . changed down to a #6 hook and was soon landing good sized whiting :thumbup: (pity you can't eat em eh). Little choppers were in force mostly grabbing the plastic the moment it hit the water :1yikes: . Even landed a good flounder at lane cove but alas still no bream :( . I have slowed down my retreive and find i am not getting as many flatties. I am looking for structure and when i find it i usually get snagged :05:




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